“beloved and brand new star in the trance scene”

(Dimitri Kechagias of Flux BpmOnline - June 2014)

It is with deep sadness that we have to announce the passing of Cynthia on November 1st 2017, after a battle with cancer. This beautiful soul will stay in our hearts forever. We will continue to honour and celebrate the incredible legacy of this amazing artist by regularly updating this website.RIP

August 18, 2017 - Release day of a collection of my trance tracks ...  all compiled in one album: “LIFE WON'T LET US FALL”. Such a WONDERFUL and VERY SPECIAL DAY. I'm very proud of this album. Each track is a piece of me.Wishing everyone all the best, always. 

Love, Cynthia


Singer / songwriter / performer, CYNTHIA HALL, has been gracing stages and capturing audiences with her warm, sensuous vocals and endearing stage presence for decades primarily in Canada, but also in Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, USA.  Having moved to Metro Vancouver, Canada from The Netherlands at the age of 9, the bulk of her music influences and developments are from a North American perspective.  All kinds of rock, soul and pop styles have been part of Cynthia’s vocal exploration, having performed these styles in hundreds of shows in numerous bands.  One of her most well-known projects is SAM’S FALLING, a duo with producer/multi-instrumentalist/composer Pim Bouwens.  Sam’s Falling has released 3 well-received CDs of its own brand of soft-alternative music, which found its way on various Canadian radio stations including Canada’s national broadcasting station, CBC Radio.  Sam’s Falling has performed extensively in western Canada and Europe.

Being of Dutch-Indonesian descent, and having lived in Canada for almost all of her life, Cynthia felt fortunate to have been innately influenced by Asian, European and North American cultures.  These influences have had a profound impact on her creativity and awareness, which in turn profoundly impacted her artistic expression.

Making The Netherlands home in 2010, Cynthia continued to enjoy a vibrant music career, in the form of trance music, new Sam’s Falling material, and other music explorations and performances. 










8 Aug 2018 - Update

  • From the Raz Nitzan music page:

    "The song 'My All' became the final writing & recording session I ever had with the beautiful Cynthia Hall. I'm so sure she would have LOVED the work that Alex Leavon has so lovingly put around her voice and words so it's very bitter sweet to share it ".


  • A special release at RNM as we remember the incredible Cynthia Hall and the light she brought to the Trance Family. Joining forces once again with Alex Leavon for 'My All'. Admin.

13 June 2018 - Update

  • We will continue to honour and celebrate the incredible legacy of this amazing artist by regularly updating this website. A new collection of “The Radio Edits” is released on the Raz Nitzan Music record label. Admin.

4 Nov 2017 - Update

  • It is with deep sadness that we have to announce the passing of Cynthia on November 1st 2017, after a battle with cancer. This beautiful soul will stay in our hearts forever. RIP.

18 Dec 2016 - Update

  • 2016 is here, and I'm so excited about all the new projects, new music, and all the different people I'll be working with. My 1st release this year is: SCATTERED PIECES, a track with the great "Stargazers", a Dutch DJ duo. This song is very special to me, as it touches me deeply. This new year follows a very active, fulfilling 2015, where I released no less than 6 trance tracks. Each and every track having a special place in my heart. The wonderful response to my trance adventure is so heart-warming. Thanks everyone. Looking forward to another massive year. Best wishes to all !! Love, Cynthia

6 December 2016 - Update

  • THIS WORLD WITHIN YOU .... My newest track with incredible Russian producer, Costa, feels so good to me. I love it. Official Beatport release will be on December12th.  But you can already have a listen now on YouTube:

  • This track follows my September release: “PAPER KITES” with master-DJ/producer Alex Leavon. This track has done so well. Hope you love it as much as I do.



29 August 2016 - Update

  • I'M STILL HERE ... my newest track, with DJ greats: Ukranian DJ/producer Witness 45 and Russian DJ Fashion Police, released today !!! This track says it all for me. Have a listen!!! “I'M STILL HERE”.

    "I'm Still Here" follows "Life won't Let Us Fall" and "Scattered Pieces" which were received so wonderfully. I'm lovin' this beautiful trance ride I'm on !!!


31 July 2015 - Update

  • New trance track: PAVE THE WAY WITH GOLD with DJ-great Denis Sender. So very, very happy with this track. Hope you like it !! Have a listen !!! “PAVE THE WAY WITH GOLD”.


27 June 2015 - Update

  • Yet another new track.... This time with the great German duo, Store N Forward. I love this track. Hope you do too. Have a listen !!! “Clouds Across My Heart”.


27 April 2015 - update

  • FOREVER SHELTERED ... my new track with Belgian trance-masters: First Effect.  So proud of this one !!  Have a listen. “Forever SHELTERED”.


1 March 2015 - update

  • 2015 is starting off ultra-strong for Cynthia Hall. 2 great trance releases in just the first 2 months: MORNING LIGHT, collaboration with the incredible dream-DJs Las Salinas; and SLAVE TO DOUBT,collaboration with master-DJ Matt Bukovski. More trance tracks are being worked on as we speak, to be released soon. Videos are planned to support the trance tracks and Cynthia's chill-out/soft-alternative music. Looking forward to a dynamic year !!!


25 February 2015 - update

  • So wonderful !!! My 2nd trance release this year SLAVE TO DOUBT, a collaboration with incredible master-DJ Matt Bukovski from Poland, is ready for release within days on Amsterdam Trance label. Have a listen and enjoy !!! “SLAVE TO DOUBT”.


16 January 2015 - update


2014 - update

  • 2014 is proving to be a dynamic thrill of a year for Cynthia Hall. Her first 3 trance tracks / collaborations with master DJs were released in the spring and summer. Having been received with an overwhelming heart-warming response, the tracks charted at #4, #13, and #21 on the world-prestigious “Beat Port Trance Top 100” chart.

  • Alongside the trance path, Cynthia is producing brand-new material with long-time partner, Pim Bouwens. Their first new release, called “Everything Within, Everything Without”, released Nov 4th, shows a new sound in the vein of soft groove.


10 November 2014 - update


4 November 2014 - update

  • Brand-new release !!!! "EVERYTHING WITHIN, EVERYTHING WITHOUT" out on bandcamp Cynthia Hall Bandcamp
  • Video for EVERYTHING .... in the works.  This video will be shown on "Cynthia Hall Music YouTube Channel" within days !!!!
  • Continuing to work on Trance tracks; with upcoming release dates to be published soon.


8 August 2014 - update

  • SUNFLOWERS voted #2 Future Favorite for ASOT#674; top DJ, Armin van Buuren's world-renowned weekly trance radio show.
  • Wonderful review by FluxBpmOnline  (see reviews).
  • SUNFLOWERS currently at #43 on Beatport Trance Top 100 chart ... and movin' up (?).


23 July 2014 - update

  • "SUNFLOWERS", my newest Trance track, this time with mastermind A.R.D.I., is out TODAY !!!
     Listen in "Trance audio" below. ENJOY !!!


30 June 2014 - update

  • "Shield of Faith" (CH & DJ Richard Durand) reaches #4 on BeatPortTranceTop100
  • “Step Towards The Within” (CH & DJ Yura Moonlight & DJ Dart Rayne) reaches #13 on BeatPortTranceTop100; #1 on BeatPortMustHearTranceTrack of Week 23.
  • More tracks recorded with trance producer/songwriter Raz Nitzan.
  • New Trance track to be released within weeks.
  • Working on Sam’s Falling video.
  • Enjoying it all !!!



4 June 2014 - CHM Newsletter June 2014 - (1st edition)

  • Starting new TRANCE adventure with producer/songwriter Raz Nitzan of recording label Raz Nitzan music. 
  • Release first 2 TRANCE tracks: “Shield of Faith” (CH & DJ Richard Durand) and “Step Towards The Within” (CH & DJ Yura Moonlight & DJ Dart Rayne).  Receiving incredible responses.
  • Cynthia indulges …” segment


















REVIEW: Witness45, Fashion Police & Cynthia Hall - I'm Still Here out on RNM



3 September 2016: Dimitri Kechagias of Flux BpmOnline

The lyrics are awesome once again with Cynthia giving with her performance meaning to each and every word she sings about and definitely give us hope to carry on leaving and hoping for a better world with peace and love! The balearic guitar riff in the breakdown, ................

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REVIEW: Stargazers & Cynthia Hall - Scattered Pieces out on Amsterdam Trance Records



2 February 2016: Dimitri Kechagias of Flux BpmOnline

The beloved singer Cynthia Hall collaborates with Stargazers for the exceptional uplifting feel good trancer Scattered Pieces. The track is a wonderful example of pure emotional driving energetic trancer with full on banging pounding drums, dynamic pulsating basslines, wide variety of synthy plucks and emotional strings that support beautifully Cynthia to perform the very deep story she sings about and heartbreak all the listeners.  The breakdown is smooth, ................

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REVIEW: Dan Chase & Cynthia Hall - Life Won't Let Us Fall out on Essentializm



31 October 2015: Jayden of Catch that Beat

Needed to share this lost one today as it was way too good to pass up. Dan Chase teams up with vocalist Cynthia Hall for the magnificent release, ‘Life Won’t Let Us Fall’ and it truly is a beautiful vocal trancer that’ll take you soaring to new heights. Let it breathe within you and give yourself to the track’s eternal brilliance.

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28 October 2015: Dimitri Kechagias of Flux BpmOnline

Essentializm presents a very melodic uplifting euphoric trancer produced by Dan Chase while on vocal duties is the stunning Cynthia that always manage to impress with her detailed performance that goes under your skin and touch your soul. Pounding drums, energetic full on basslines and .........

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REVIEW: First Effect & Cynthia Hall - Forever Sheltered on Amsterdam Trance Records



27 April 2015: Jayden of Catch that Beat

Belgian duo First Effect are back off their recent Beatport Top 10 success with Seriously and are ready to show us once again what they are capable of. Teaming up with one of the powerhouse vocalists on the scene Cynthia Hall they’ve demonstrated their immense talent and ability to make you feel something. With satisfying leads, pounding basslines, a flowing melody and a whole lot of light they’ve created a very comforting tune.

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REVIEW: Matt Bukovski & Cynthia Hall - Slave To Doubt on Amsterdam Trance Records



12 March 2015: Dimitri Kechagias of Flux BpmOnline

Cynthia Hall appears with her delicate voice that sounds more like mother nature or any other mother figure that warns us about falling into the trap of doubting everything and leaving a life which we will feel lonely and isolated as we will Doubt anything and everything around us. The climax is stunning with massive euphoric synths that give you goosebumps .........

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27 Februari 2015: Jayden of Catch that Beat

It’s time switch it up, speed up the tempo, blast the speakers and pump the bass because we’re going trancy with Matt Bukovski & Cynthia Hall in their stomper of a tune Slave To Doubt. With a touch of everything; a little bit of emotion, a sprinkle of sereneness and a shot of adrenaline this here is a weekend kick-starter. No stranger to Amsterdam Trance Records, the Polish producer knows how to get it done and the gorgeous vocals give the tune life.

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REVIEW: Las Salinas & Cynthia Hall - Morning Light out on Essentializm / Raz Nitzan Music



31 Januari 2015: Dimitri Kechagias of Flux BpmOnline

The climax is full on and hands in the air as you expected to be from the gifted hands of Las Salinas. Cynthia Hall is one of the most spiritual female singers who has the right tone and expressive voice to convey the warmth and beauty of the lyrics that describe an unforgettable night out that lead us on the Morning Light! I wish the duration to be longer and not as short cause I must press play again and again.

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REVIEW: A.R.D.I & Cynthia Hall - "Sunflowers" out on Molekular Sounds



19 August 2014: Catch that Beat

Just as the name suggests, Sunflowers is a stunning track that combines free-flowing uplifting trance vibes with vocals from Cynthia Hall that will have the hairs on the back of your neck standing tall. The breakdown is chilling but just as you'd imagine the melody and drop are both innervating and escalating bringing its listeners to a heightened state of mind. Definitely one of our favourite originals from this Polish producer, A.R.D.I. has brought it to a whole new level.

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7 August 2014: Dimitri Kechagias of Flux BpmOnline

A.R.D.I. & Cynthia Hall combine their art for the magnificent uplifting trance anthem Sunflowers that is released on Molekular Sounds part of Raz Nitzan Music. We deal here with superb solid composition with straight to the point arrangement that respects the codes and conventions of uplifting trance style with tough pounding grooves, driving basslines and of course chord progression that make you wanna fly straight away along with wide variety of emotional synths that appear to raise our consciousness along with Cynthia Hall's heartfelt performance that sounds so warm, tender and emotional that is impossible not to fell in love with her, identify with the inspiring words she sings and share with her the spirituality that this track lights to the world. The breakdown is another magical dreamy moment that is chilling ........

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6 August 2014: Andrew Quigley of YourEDM

But lo and behold, A.R.D.I. has once again floored us with his upcoming, Pure Trance masterpiece entitled Sunflowers, which features the incredible vocals of Cynthia Hall. Instantly from the get go, A.R.D.I. smoothly establishes the tone of the piece by perfectly pairing down each element of the track so that the vocals can clearly shine through, as faint whispers of 2003 Trance echoes throughout the entire soundscape. As the lyrics, “to keep us warm when the light goes out“, are beautifully sung by Cynthia Hall, the feeling of warmth and harmony naturally connects with the music as crisp percussion, sweeping pads and subtle plucks add another layer of beauty on top of the already outstanding bass and kickdrum foundation. The breakdown’s communication between the instrumental and the vocals is perfectly balanced as he intuitively allows the wonderful arrangement of pads to express their elegance without any distraction. (which also .......

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REVIEW: Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight & Cynthia Hall - "Step Towards The Within" out on RNM



2 June 2014: Dimitri Kechagias of Flux BpmOnline

Raz Nitzan Music in the 4th release present the fantastic collaboration between Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight with the beloved and brand new star in the trance scene Cynthia Hall. Her angelic crystal clear voice and her sensational high class performance on any song she takes part established her as one of the finest singers in trance and I believe that trance family would be excited to get a whole album from her produced by various great trance producers. Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight from Ukraine stand out with their incredible compositions and for this track they move on their well known .....

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REVIEW: : Richard Durand & Cynthia Hall – “Shield of Faith” out on RNM 



14 May 2014: Dimitri Kechagias of Flux BpmOnline

Now Richard Durand stops by at Raz Nitzan Music for his exceptional vocal trance anthem Shield Of Faith. As always it is offered in vocal and dub mix for those who would like to enjoy just only the nice grooves and uplifting vibes.The  original vocal  mix is classic big room Dutch trance sound that is perfect for large venues and summer festivals. It is such a beautiful blissful track with bouncy kicks, driving energetic basslines, very strong emotional melodies and of course one of the most fragile voices I ever heard on vocal trance tracks. Cynthia Hall has the stand out voice that catch your ear and attracts your attention. When you listen to this track on the radio by chance you feel the urge to find more details about her. The mes- me rising ethereal melodies supported by huge euphoric synths that drive the track to its massive earth shaking climax ....

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